Technical and Economic Studies




Limited financial resources oblige us to use resources optimally and capitals are used in the most proper ways. In organizations seeking for developing their services levels, not proper using of capital not only makes organization lose its opportunities, but also face it with unbearable losses. In order to prevent from such losses and optimum usage of capital, it is necessary to evaluate each development proposal before execution by logical criterions and regulation. If investment designs are evaluated pre-hand by accurate method, it may be prevented from execution or at least prevented from leaving incomplete by necessary predictions. Using proper techniques and criterions to evaluate designs from various aspects help organizations in accurate decision makings to use their capital and prevent from wasting their capitals. Generally, values before investment are grouped into three classification:

A: design economic examination

B: design technical examination

C: design financial examination

One of the main aspects evaluated in designs feasibility step is design financial evaluation and resulted cost benefit analysis. Actually, financial evaluation indicated whether suggested design can provide finance and can have the expected financial return or not.

In technical and economic studies of Irsaa Store Services Company, many surveys have been done for various designs. Cost-income was estimated and return will be indicated for investment in various sectors for honorable entrepreneurs to functionalize their designs by open view and all-aspect consideration. For example, if a store, hypermarket, or shopping center is constructing, this company can suggest the best choice for future usage and utilization by specialized studies to have more convenient and secured investment with less risk.

“This fact shows its effect in long-term besides influences in short-term and significantly reduces maintenance costs.