Software and Hardware Technology




Possibility of using technologies is increasing in today world quickly. This issue is vivid that using modern technologies by stores and shopping markets make them different places for future. Today, one of initial determinants of accessible technologies in shopping centers and stores is their target price. Actually, cost reduction of these technologies in future provides possibility of their more extensive establishment in most chain stores and hypermarkets. Nowadays, 66 technologies have been developed in shopping centers and stores that can be classified in 9 groups: 1- tracing customers and marketing data bank. 2-recreation and providing attractive goods and services visually 3- providing information and help customers in buying 4- direct display of satellites 5- information technology for data sharing and communication 6- energy management 7- security 8- online buying services and 9-maintenance of resources

 In a research performed in 356 shopping centers, results have shown that the most used technologies are in operational fields such as budgeting, records, energy management, maintenance, and protecting resources but less used technologies related to services providing to customers are in fields of tracing customers, marketing based on data bank, recreation, help to customers in buying, and online buying services in comparison to the first group. However, it is predicted that during further 5 years, using technologies both in operational fields and customers’ services have increased significantly.

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