Services of Repair and Maintenance




Services of repair and maintenance issue is known “Net” in abbreviation is one of the most important services needing specialized look. Experts of Irsaa Store Services Company in this department has engineering look toward this importance and put principles of preventive maintenance and repair (PM) in priority. PM is a systematic approach for maintenance by which equipment are permanently examined by technical exploration, regular and periodic lubrication, and preventive actions to reduce potential and sudden damages, so necessity of partial and general repair is determined to prevent from emergent and unplanned stops. Actually, in this method, maintenance of equipment is done in specific periods on a schedule.

Some purposes of this system are as following:

  • Increasing life period of equipment
  • Promoting equipment reliability
  • Increasing general efficacy of equipment
  • Reducing sudden repair of equipment
  • Reducing costs of process stops for damages of equipment

Shopping installations and equipment including cooling such as freezers, below and above refrigerators, air conditioner and heating systems such as chillers, ventilators, boilers, fan coils, splits, etc. ,check outs, cash box, electricity boards, elevators, escalators, etc. are important cases which defect can have great role on positive look of customers and also providing favorite service. Therefore, maintenance and repair department of Irsaa Store Services Company with PM approach guides maintenance of equipment preventively, because lack of specialized look to this issue undoubtedly increases current costs and sometimes material and spiritual damages to the active unit.