Providing Shopping Equipment




According to daily development of chain stores and hypermarkets from one hand and need to the most modern shopping equipment with the highest quality ad most proper cost from another hand, Irsaa shopping service company was successful to get the exclusive agency sales of shopping equipment in Iran from one of the most creditable shopping equipment company of the world by trade mark of China Highbright. Therefore, following advancing needs of customers, it provides a full basket of chain store equipment and hypermarkets with the best quality and price.

This equipment includes below and above zero refrigerators, standing and lying refrigerators, showcase (island) refrigerators, one side and two side racks of sales and storing shelves, checkouts, gates, and store cashiers, buying baskets, trolleys and etc.

Some advantages of shopping equipment department of this company provided for customers are as following:

  • High varieties of products
  • Providing full basket of proper equipment to store decoration
  • Customizing products
  • Guarantee of goods quality to 1 year.
  • Registering logo of company on equipment
  • Possibility of consultation and education in store arrangement