Providing Goods




Generally supply chain includes all related activities to goods streams and materials changes from initial stage to the final good delivery to customer. There are 2 other streams for goods, one is information stream, and another is financial and credits resources stream. Actually, management of supply chain include integration supply chain activities and also related informational streams on them by improvement in chain relations to get to reliable and sustainable competitive advantage.

Good supply chain in shopping centers and stores are one of the most important indexes of income for them. Undoubtedly, providing very high quality goods with proper price can makes very good future for growth to maturity stages for each commercial unit. In this regard, Irsaa Company by using internal and external facilities tries to prove it has something to say in high quality supply chain with the best prices to participate in this purpose, the purpose of Irsaa Company is not opposition with known and famous brands in this issue, but it is trying to make brand of the best goods with the highest prices than buying price accessible to commercial units.

The experienced managers of Irsaa Company guide honorable entrepreneurs to good and successful buying in supply chain by studying commercial units and identifying existed lacks. This action will happen by purpose of supporting domestic producers and filling market lacks with high quality foreign brands.