Locating Store




Europeans believe that three prior principles in retailing are: locating, locating, and locating

In this regard, an agreed subject among psychological authorities of consumers and also experts of shopping centers is that locating of a store has an important role in selecting consumer store. In all relatively similar condition for factors, consumer prefers to select a store nearer locally. Store size is another important factor in selecting a store. Consumers mainly prefer great stores than small stores if all other factors are similar. On the other hand, distance on time of a person movement to store is varied according to good type. For example, distance aspect is so important about daily merchandises and low-price goods, because buyers don’t intend to spend far distance for low important things. In addition, people interest is a function of retailing locating, proximity, and relationship with other stores and situation of placing in commuting paths to the great extent.

A good locating of a store attracts more customers and their accessibility for many groups of customer. Therefore, locating is in the first priority than any other decision making. In addition, compensating negative effects of a fault decision making about store place is very difficult. Retailers should precisely be carful in selecting location of a store at least for 2 reasons, first because a store location is very important criterion for customers to select a store. Most customers prefer to supply their items from their neighborhood stores; second, store location has very important competitive advantage for retailers. Retailers easily can change prices, services, and goods variations, but store location is not easily changeable, because retailers try a lot to find or buy a place. Actually, competitive advantage of many stores is by their proper locating that is not easily imitable by competitors.

Making decision to select the best place for store is an issue with various influencing qualitative and quantitative criterions. In addition, each criterion can play role in future performance of store differently.

Irsaa Integrated Services Company formulated standards for store locating based on scientific-empirical basis in 2013. This standard is called the first chain and hypermarket locating standard in country. Studying parameters of population, income, traffic, education, competitors, and etc. in various locations and also attention to investors’ purposes and policies introducing the best and the most proper places to establish stores, respectively.

Therefore, locating department of Irsaa Store Services Company, by its valuable experience in formulating stores, locating standards, and also attention to permanent investigate, and study to update scientific researchers, is ready to guide studies in selecting the best location to establish stores, hypermarkets, and shopping centers according to purposes, landscapes, and policies of objective organization.