Formulating Standards and Executive Instructions




Standardizing activities and organizational processes besides stabilization performance in favorite level are perquisites of future organizational improvements. Standardization in shopping complexes and centers helps in processes and activities in equalization and formulates and executes lawful method to do works to get to purpose all over collection. In addition, any improvement in organization is relied on reliable standards. Using unprincipled processes not only spends time, costs, and extra energy for stores and shopping centers, but also finally leads to customers’ dissatisfaction from collection. Studies have shown that customers’ satisfaction and personnel loyalty in where processes are accurately standardized are not higher relatively from where standards are from.

Each shopping stores and centers face with various processes in macro and micro levels according to working expansion. Processes of goods provision, buying plans, storage, and good backing are some processes which most shopping centers and stores deal with them. Standard formulation and executive instructions department of Irsaa Store Services Company announced their readiness to formulate standards and executive instructions in all activities fields of shopping centers and stores based on various processes analysis and modelling the optimum processes and also based on empirical-scientific approaches.