Engineering Services




Today, consultation and service provider companies in studying and designing specialized hypermarkets and chain stores is not hidden on anyone all over the world. Presence of professional counsellors in such projects not only increase system success in responding to customers’ needs after establishment, but also redoubles profitability and added-value of such spaces by promoting efficacy, effectiveness, and utilization for honorable investors.

Specialized studies and designing needed plans for hypermarkets, chain stores, and commercial complexes are done by considering professional look in projects such as making logical relationship and standards in various existed spaces (for example, in hypermarkets such as docks, storages, selling level, administrative, and other needed service spaces) such as provided services in Irsaa Store Services Company according to promising background of senior managers in Shahrvand chain stores.

In designing sector, ability of design to make necessary attractions to absorb customers make them select the mentioned goods easier in the next referring to store. In addition, a good design in structure, electricity, and mechanic parts can reduce target cost of design and consequently capital return time by optimum designing.