Marketing and Advertisement




Marketing includes collection of strategies and methods that producers or service groups use for potential customers. All marketing strategies are formulated by purpose of creating a favorite imagine from store in customer mind. Creating such mental image about stores, hypermarkets, and shopping centers can increase fame and reliance on brand significantly. Various methods can be used to make a proper image in customer mine; although, all stores know the strategy of high quality and low cost  as their initial strategy to attract customers, there are other strategies which are effective in making favorite image from stores and shopping centers in customers minds. Some more important ones that should be focused in formulating a comprehensive marketing plan are as following:

  • Interior decoration and arrangement
  • Store environmental specifications
  • Facilities and amenities inside store
  • Employees
  • Pricing strategies
  • Increasing distribution channels
  • Managing relationship with customers

Marketing department of Irsaa Store Services Company by valuable experience in shopping holding and managing and also consultation in shopping centers and stores is able to formulate strategic and comprehensive plan to improve market role for all stores and shopping centers using various strategic approaches such as SWOT analysis.