About Irsaa




According to necessity of daily development of great stores and shopping centers, newness of this industry in state, and also necessity of using this fact by specialized view, Irsaa Store Services Company was established by more than one decade managerial experiences of its establishers in the most creditable chain stores of country (Shahrvand Company) to make proper condition for providing shopping integrated services with 15 specialized departments in …. since part of services is related to after store and shopping centers start time, providing “0 to 120 Store Services” can be one of principal  propaganda slogan of Irsaa Store Services Company and it is hoped to take, even small, step to satisfy great purpose of shopping industry.

Generally, Irsaa services are divided to three classifications of education, research, and consultation. In service providing classification, there are 14 specialized fields in 14 specialized department providing services in different levels according to the nature of each services and also customer request.

The provided services in Irsaa Company are as following:

- Technical-economic studies

- Locating

- Engineering services including designing, architecture, structure, electricity, mechanics, and also supervision, and the fourth agency of projects

- Construction, renovation, and reconstruction

-Designing, and executing interior decoration

-Providing shopping equipment

- Software and hardware technology

-Protective and intelligent systems

-Formulating standards and executive shopping instructions

- Providing goods

- Human Resource Management

-Marketing and advertisement

- Repair and maintenance

-Attracting capital and investment